Formed in 1993, Main Offender was originally based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The core of the band was comprised of three brothers - John Jr., Jeff, and Gary Patackas - and their good friend Jon Doty. The reaction to the band's original material and live performances in the area was very positive. As a result, the band relocated to New York City in 1998 to get a taste of the real business. While there, the band successfully landed gigs at Manhattan clubs such as The Lion's Den, Elbow Room, The Wetlands, Rock N' Roll Cafe, and Orange Bear among others. The band also opened for acts like Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, John Sebastian, and other acts. While in New York City, the band produced two CD's - Platinum Demo and Duein Time, which are available on CDBaby. Two tracks on the former and all of the latter were recorded by the late Grammy-winning artist Steve Burgh at Baby Monster Studio in Manhattan, NY and SB Studios in Kingston, NY.


In February 2005, the music industry and Main Offender lost a good friend, engineer, musician, and producer Steve Burgh. Not long thereafter, Paul DePietro joined the band as its fifth member. Having relocated back to Northeastern Pennsylvania, the new lineup began performing live with renewed vigor and wrote new material for their previous album released in the summer of 2007, "THE SECRET INGREDIENT", which was completed with Chris Andersen and Bruce Berky at Nevessa Productions in Woodstock, NY.

In August 2008, the band started recording new songs at the Windmill Agency in Lake Ariel, Pennsylavania. With the help from engineer and friend Eric " Suaves" Ritter, the band had finally completed their most unique and creative album yet, "FAR BEYOND YONDER " released August 2010.

Although their sound is ultimately rock influenced by many styles and genres of music, the band has created their own unique sound. That sound is original, it's true, it's refreshing, it's revolutionary, it's MAIN OFFENDER!

The  band  has  recently released  their  new  album  " Sal's Magic Lounge" which  has  18  fantastic  songs!!!!!

Thanks  for  listening and  please  spread  the  wealth  and  spirit of music... Main Offender writes, produces and  performs their  own music..